Travel Luggage That Follows You

Travel Luggage That Follows You. Lugass helps you to carry any weight. This robotic suitcase will follow you around.

TRAVEL TALE 2018 new Smart suitcases trolleys
TRAVEL TALE 2018 new Smart suitcases trolleys from

The suitcase has multiple functions but its most impressive one is its ability to follow the user wherever they go. The carbon fiber suitcase is also equipped with sensors that allow it to follow you at a speed of almost 7 miles per hour without running into anything, while route projection technology helps it. Then, it activates its motors to help you move your stuff.

This Robotic Suitcase Will Follow You Around.

With these bags, you don’t even need to pull your suitcase behind you: You can use as little as one finger to move from place to place. Lugass helps you to carry any weight.

The Case Has A Tsa Compliant Smart Lock And The Its Power Battery Can Be Also Used As A Portable Power Bank.

Cowarobot r1 is another very capable smart suitcase that uses artificial intelligence technology to effectively follow you. Travelmate robotics luggage technology has not changed much over the last few decades, but there is one san francisco startup that is. The prototype follows its owner at a short but constant distance behind.

The Cowarobot Is A New Suitcase, Now Raising Money.

Paper is to create a bag which follows its owner. It pinpoints your intended speed and the angle of the luggage. For the following feature human detection is done by using ultrasound sensors.

If You Haven't Tried Any Of The Best Smart Luggage Yet, Then You're Seriously Missing Out.

Cowarobot r1 suitcase on indiegogo: You can use two compartments that can be attached and rolled as a single suitcase. The device is able to follow you around by locking on to the bluetooth signal on your mobile phone and moving towards it.

The New Robotic Suitcase Has Been Deigned To Make Trips To The Airport Easier.

The idea is to use 2 separate duffel bags when you reach your destination. Make travel easier with robotic luggage that follows you around. One of the greatest things since sliced bread is about to happen.

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